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New Roofing

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Metal Long Run, Metal Tile, Concrete Tile, Membrane Roofing

Please supply plans in PDF format for quoting

Solar Rib - .55# - Lancewood
Solar Rib - .55# - Lancewood
Solar Rib - .55# Endura - Grey Friars
Solatube & vent installation.
T-Rib - .55# Maxx - Ironsand
Metal cladding installation
1. STP110 enviro installed
Corogated iron cladding - Ironsand
1. Installaing Envirocald gutter
Te Ahu Centre - install Metal & Enviroca
Te Ahu Centre - Kaitaia
Enviroclad Roof - White
0.40# Maxx coro New Denium Blue
Installing safety mesh
Craning on sheet of iron
Installed roof & cladding
Mangonui Haulage


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Give us a call to to log a request to have your roof scoped and quoted

edgeprotection by R&R
1. Before
Fitted new Purlins
Craig Chris Arlon
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Roof Repairs

Long run (iron), metal tile, concrete tile, clay tile, clear roofing, membrane roofing,

replacing roof fixings etc

We are equipped with a guillotine and folders for fabricating flashings as required. 

Moss & Lichen Roof Treatment

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We carry out roof treatment to for moss, mould, lichen and algae

The best time for this is at the start of winter as the product reactivates with each rain

to help flush the infested surface without scouring

For rain catchment the down pipes will be disconnected for 3-4 weeks or until at least 36ml of rainfall.

How long does it take to work?

It is totally dependent on the intensity of the contamination.  If it is really light you will see results within days. Otherwise it may take approximately 2-3 months to see improvements.  Your concrete may turn an orangy brown when the product is applied. This is normal and shows you have had a good reaction. The discoloration will dissipate over a short period of time and is not permanent. The good news is that when you use it again the following season, the clean up will occur within weeks. In the very worst case scenario where contamination is extreme, it may take 6-12 months.

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