Water Tank Cleaning

Water from your roof can carry bird excrement, plant matter and other contaminants.

These can lay at the bottom of you water tank and ultimately cause a bacteria breeding ground, polluting your drinking water and causing ill health.

We can vacuum the sludge or build up from the bottom of your tank and or scrub the entire inside of your tank.

We can also remove dead animals, treat tank and organised for it the be re-filled

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water it pumped out?

Usually quarter of a tank but this can be more if the tank is very dirty

When is the best time to have the tank vacuum cleaned?

Annually, during winter so the water loss doesn't hurt

Can the tank be vacuum cleaned when its full?


How much does it cost?

Vacuum tank cleaning is from $200.00 excluding GST for each tank. 

A vacuum clean and scrub clean is available from $350.00 excluding GST, this can only be done when the tank is quarter full when we start.

What other services do we provide that compliment a tank clean?

- We can carry out a spouting clean before cleaning the tank

- Install a flushing eye on the tank inlet pipe (so you can flush the stagnant water from the pipes)

Pics of tank cleaning

Ben & Hohaia--Vac clean 2 tanks-4.01.17.
tanks were over due for clean out
tank over due for clean out-8.02.18
Ben & Leo vac clean water tank-20.11.17.
Ben & Hohaia clean out tank-21.10.16
Ben & Leo vac clean water tank-2.10.17

Example of flushing eye installation

1. Before (1)
After (1)


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