September 6, 2017




A system to suit every lifestyle.
Solar Edwards manufactures a wide range of systems to suit a variety of needs. Including roof-mounted tank and panels, serving the needs of the smallest or largest homes or a range of energy saving options, including connection to off-peak electricity tariffs. Economiser systems feature a ground mounted tank to which roof-mounted solar panels may be added.
Our professional, trained consultants can offer all the advice and assistance you need in order to choose the system that’s right for you.

Revolutionary carbon surface.
Edwards’ solar absorber panel has a revolutionary new carbon surface which is standard to all models, and ensures the optimal performance of your system.
Edwards’ testing shows that our black carbon surface absorbs 35% more solar rays when compared to standard black painted surfaces, providing significant reductions in booster costs.

Best under the sun – better for the earth.
Edwards’ solar hot water systems offer an environmentally friendly alternative to gas and electric systems, so you won’t just save money, you’ll also help save the environment.
Emissions from domestic water heating systmes account for a significant amount of damage to the ozone layer, and a traditional household unit produces six tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide greenhouse gas every year.
A Solar Edwards system drastically reduces emissions, and that’s why more and more people around the world are recognising that the best systems under the sun are also better for the earth – naturally.

Free hot water all year round.
There is as much chance of your electric or gas heater running out of hot water as there is your solar system.
A Solar Edwards system will provide up to 95% of all your hot water needs, depending on location and climate. For those few times a year when the sun isn’t quite enough, an electric booster will do the rest.

The investment that saves you more.
Installing a Solar Edwards system can reduce your hot water bill as much as 95%, and the more you use it, the more you save.
A solar heating system may be slightly more expensive to install when compared with gas or electricity, but from the first day of use you get a return on your investment. From then on, a solar  Edwards system can save you hundreds of dollars each year.


These systems are designed for Residential and Commercial properties on:
– Town Supply

– Town Supply
– Tank or rain collected water
– Bore Water
– River or surface collected water

These are great systems – they are supplied fully assembled – Just connect the water supply on the inlet / outlet and plug into power. The gauges indicate when the each filter should be changed. Include a water proof cover.

For more information give us a call 4082 660, Brochures are available instore, or we can email brochures.


Tub dimensions 560mm X 450mm X230mm
45 Litre capacity
Extra deep 230mm tub
Single lever mixer tap
Fitted Soap dispencer
25 year tub warranty